Apricot Rose

Spring fever has hit,

and now is the perfect time to be out and about, especially in the garden.

I have a love for all plants, but I think my favourites are foliage plants.

I love to see the sun highlight the colours in the leaves.


Berberis Gold Ring

Berberis Gold Ring.


My second favourite plants are Roses. I have a love hate relationship with these, but each Spring I succumb to getting at least one new Rose.

Rosa Abraham Darby

Rosa Abraham Darby


Being in lockdown has made me quite unfit and I found myself really struggling to dig up an overgrown garden bed, cultivate the soil and re – landscape it.

But I did it, eventually.

Walking is a good form of excercise, which is something I do on an un – regular basis these days.

But if you really want to test your fitness levels try digging up an overgrown garden bed full of large shrubs and weeds.


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