Nature Photography

Nature Photography


Photographing Nature is a joy in itself. In Nature Photography it is the little things,

the everyday things that we all take for granted and just walk on by.

Sight, sound and fragrance are things to pay attention to as we are out and about in nature, on a walk, or a picnic in a park. A nature photograph doesn't have to encompass a landscape but can be much more personal.

Mossy rocks, algae and fungi growing on tree stumps can make interesting close - up shots. Trees with their many years of wisdom can provide a myriad of different opportunities for photographs.


Soft crunchy sound of dry leaves on a forest floor
Birds flitting in and out of the trees
Waterfalls and streams, rushing and tinkling over rocks and river beds
An unexpected discovery of a flower never seen before


So many things to discover, so many magical moments to enjoy.

Just open your mind and your heart will lead the way.


Cascades. Blue Mountains NSW
Forest in The Royal National Park NSW
Masked Lapwing. Stanwell Park NSW
Purple Swamp Hen. Audley NSW
Adult Silver Gull. Little Bay Beach NSW
Noisy Miner. Mount Annan NSW
Pelican at Kiama Harbour NSW
Early morning light. Cobbitty NSW Australia.