My Gear

All of the photography on this website has been taken using Nikon Camera's. Also there a few that have been taken using Apple's I Phone 7 Plus.

All of the lenses that I use are Nikons. For my Photography I have used macro, zoom and wide angle lenses. Various filters and bits and bobs.

Most of the time I use a tripod and shutter release.

Camera's used are -  Nikon's D3200, D7200, and the Full Frame D810.

I shoot in Raw and process my images in Adobe Camera Raw. Occasionally I may then process my images using Nik Collection. Most of my multiple exposures and Impressionist Photography is done In - Camera.

It has taken me a good few years to teach myself the Art Of Photography and Composition. My passion for Photography is for myself and I only take images of subjects that appeal to me in some way. I very rarely Photograph things just for the sake of it.


"I find that if your heart is in your Photography, you are well on your way to creating successful images".