Looking At You.

Due to some requests, I have set up my online Print Galleries  for people who wish to purchase prints. At the moment however,

they are only available to Australian and New Zealand residents as the lab only delivers to Australia and New Zealand. Rather than setting up with an overseas lab that I don’t know I opted for the one that I always use and am happy with.  Perhaps further down the line I may change this and include overseas customers, but at the moment I am just so so busy, and I still have lot’s more images to upload to my gallery and images I haven’t even gotten around to processing yet from yonks ago.

I know lot’s of Photographers severely reducing the costs of their prints to keep up with the ever growing competition, but I feel that I shouldn’t down grade my images by reducing the prices for them and therefore not making any profit, I just don’t see the point in that, considering the time, effort and expenses that go into my Photography as well as the online expenses.

“Looking At You” is available for purchase using the link on the side menu.


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  1. I share your opinion, Karen! Every image is the price worth. It contains your love and lifetime. Unfortunately, I still hesitate to go your way with the sale. Are you satisfied? Warm greetings Simone
    PS: Wonderful pictures! 🙂

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